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About us

10 Years of Begegnung e.V.

Begegnung e.V. was founded in Dresden in 2009. To begin with, we were active in Dresden and provided a meeting place for children and families in the “Jägerpark” district. Later, we expanded our sphere of activity to various projects abroad. Evi Güldenstern was sent from Dresden to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. She started a work with the goal of helping single mothers on the street to have a better life. A few years later, she founded an international NGO and until 2019, among other things, she ran an inclusive kindergarten. This NGO was taken over by the Bode couple from Dresden in early 2020.

When the stream of refugees from the Near and Middle East came to Germany in 2012, Begegnung e.V. made it its mission to help families, men and women, to find their feet in Dresden and Germany.

In 2017, a couple was sent to the Philippines to support an organization called “Metro Ministries”. Metro Ministries plays games with street children in Manila every Sunday, tells them about Jesus and visits the children at home during the week. The couple has been back in Germany since the middle of 2021.


Mission and Vision:

We want to help people in need in Dresden and across the world, give them hope and accompany and support them on their pathway of change - by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and motivated by the love we have received from him.

We believe that meeting people’s needs gives hope. We are convinced that we can make a difference and we are committed to giving children in different countries around the world a future.

In our projects, we form a culture based on Christian values, with Jesus at the center, and are guided by the standards of the Bible. Our actions and our relationships are built on the foundation of charity. We believe that every human being is created in God's image and want to live this out in the world. This is how healthy relationships and sustainable work can succeed. 

We want to help people find their calling and release their potential so that every person – regardless of their origin, skin color or language – can contribute to making the world a better place. That is why relationships are an important part of our work.



Begegnung e.V. is a German association and was founded in 2009 in Dresden, Germany. Currently, 2 couples are employed in Addis Ababa and Manila. The association itself coordinates and manages 2 projects, in Dresden and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Wayne Neuper has been the chairman of the association since 2009.

In Addis Ababa, the association founded an international NGO with the country representative (official representative of the association in the respective country) at that time, Evi Güldenstern, with the primary goal of getting single mothers off the streets by supporting them with a daycare center for their children. This work was taken over by Samuel Bode as the new country representative after 10 years.

In Dresden, the association leads a group of Persian people who meet weekly in small groups and once a month for a church service.

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