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Your sponsorship allows us to take care of a child and prepare it for school and life, all in a child-friendly environment.

Every child is taken care of by committed and devoted group leaders and assistants according to the child's stage of development. With your sponsorship, we are able to provide the children with material for crafts, with toys and with a typical Ethiopian kindergarten uniform. In addition, every child is provided with nutritious meals and personal care items.

The sponsorship contribution is €70 per child, per month.

Normally, a child attends the kindergarten for three years and the preschool for two years. The length of time can be shorter when a child who enters our program is already older or when a child has to leave the program for other reasons. That's why the sponsorship is not bound to a specific child but to a specific place for a child in the kindergarten or preschool. One child is assigned to each available place. As a sponsor, you will receive a personal biography and an annual summary of the child's development.

If you are interested, please contact the office at office(at)begegnung-ev(dot)org

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Begegnung e.V.
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Phone: +49 351 3117533
Mail: office(at)begegnung-ev(dot)org

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Alwe Herzog
Mail: office(at)begegnung-ev(dot)org

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Begegnung e.V.
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