Every week a newsletter is sent out from Ethiopia with updates, reports, photos and prayer requests. You can subscribe to the newsletter by sending an email to office(at)begegnung-ev(dot)org.





Financial help

This project is purely financed by donations since we do not receive any subsidies from Ethiopian authorities

You can donate one-time or regularly for:

  • Rent for housing
  • Operating expenses for the project
  • Labor costs for Ethiopian employees
  • Labor costs for director, Evi Güldenstern
  • Sponsorships
  • Practical support

Multiple times a year, teams are sent to Ethiopia to help for one to four weeks, for example with building and renovation or caring for the children. Travel costs for flights and accommodation are paid for by the guests. If you are interested, please send and email to office(at)begegnung-ev(dot)org.

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