In 1992, Evi Güldenstern, traveled to Ethiopia for the first time to help in an orphanage for three months. In 1999, she founded House of Mercy Ethiopia (HOME) in Addis Ababa along with the Hausig family. Äthiopienhilfe e.V. is the sponsoring organization in Germany. In that former project, children and teenagers without families were supported on their way to independence. Since 2001 children with mental and multiple disabilities received care and mothers with undernourished children received food and education.

2007, Evi Güldenstern handed over the project to her successor Julia Wiedemann. But after her return to Germany, Ethiopia remained on her heart. It was especially the plight of single mothers that continued to move her.

In October 2011, a new project was started in Addis Ababa, within our organization, and in collaboration with
logoJesus Gemeinde Dresden. On a small rented property an integrative day care was established for 50 children of single mothers in need. Additionally, mothers with undernourished children received nutrition and counselling services.

In December 2014, we could register Begegnung e.V. as an independent organization in Ethiopia. At the same time we started searching for a new, larger property. In March 2015, we could rent a 3000 m² (32000 ft²) large property with an extensive green area.



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