Ethiopia Project

Bethi is three years old. Today is her first day at the day care. She is amazed by the large, green property with many trees and flowers, and houses with bright rooms. She lives with her mom in a small, dark room very high up in the mountains. The children are all standing in a circle, singing, making funny movements and clapping with their hands. Bethi is a little anxious about all these new things. The children are singing and dancing freely. Bethi starts to join in. She starts to swing a little, back and forth, then begins to gently clap her hands. The woman, who sang the song so beautifully is called Miss Enat. Now, she goes to Bethi and she crouches down in front of her. She explains that all the children will go play together now and that it will certainly be fun. Then she takes Bethi's hand and together they go. Bethis knows how to play with a ball made of rags and her friend Tigest also has a doll made of rags. What will they play with here? On the property there's a large trampoline, a jungle gym, a tree house, swings and a slide. Bethi has never seen such things and she marvels at the other children climbing the trampoline and starting to bounce. Miss Enat lifts her up. Slowly she begins to bounce, very carefully at first, but then more and more. Bethi begins to laugh out loud. She does not want to come down from this amazing trampoline any longer. Hopefully her mom will be there soon, she has to tell her all about it.

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