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Our work

We are part of the team of Metro World Child in Manila. Metro travels the world in big city slums and organizes children's services that reach over 200,000 children every week. Nearly 20,000 of these are in the Philippines. As a team, we go to 14 slums each week, training volunteers in over 50 communities across the country who in turn hold children's services in over 200 different locations.

However, the heart of our work is not our church services but the times where we personally visit the families.



Every team member has one or two areas that he or she is responsible for. Every week we go out to them, invite the children to the church services, and play and talk with them. Over time, we have built up very close relationships with some families in the areas we serve. The children know and trust us and some parents also regularly contact us and talk with us.

This close relationship and the mutual trust we build allows us to speak God's love and truth into their lives. This happens during the weekly children's services that are also attended by many parents.



Every week we start with a fun program where we play games, sing songs, dance and perform funny sketches on stage. A short gospel message is also always included, which we then sing with the children as rap or reggae.

This is followed by the teaching part. We teach biblical truths like “God loves you” in four short units with illustrations, dramas, picture stories and many real-life examples. At the end, we pray together with the children that this truth will become a reality in their lives.

We provide each child with a free meal after the program.

Besides working with the children, we also have the opportunity to tell the parents about God in some areas. At the north cemetery in Manila (one of the two slums Christina takes care of), there is a short devotion for the parents after the children's service. 20 to 30 mothers come together every week to read the Bible and pray together.

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Phone: +49 351 3117533
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